Tủ Báo Cháy Địa Chỉ IFC2-640E johnson controls

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Tủ Báo Cháy Địa Chỉ IFC2-640E johnson controls

In stand-alone or network configurations, the IFC2-640 meets
virtually every application requirement.
Designed with modularity and for ease of system planning, the
IFC2-640 can be configured with just a few devices for small
building applications, or for a large campus or high-rise application. Simply add additional peripheral equipment to suit the
The FireWatch Series internet monitoring modules IPDACT-2
and IPDACT-2UD permit monitoring of alarm signals over the
Internet, saving the monthly cost of two dedicated business
telephone lines. Although not required, the secondary telephone line may be retained providing backup communication
over the public switched telephone line.

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